May 23 2016

bottomless 2016-03-02

I had my beautiful date with Eveline on 2d of March! I doesn't write reviews but Eveline not only deserves one from me but in my opinion she is the only one lady I can write a review about because she is the only one girl I met so far who can be called escort. She doesn't come often in Istanbul, so I was always checking her profile to catch my chance to see her and so I did this time. Everything what has been already said about her still remains the truth; she is level-up escort, rare to find at web nowadays; her appearance in real is absolutely gorgeous and much prettier I would say than some cold characteristics at her profile photos, she looks 24-25 years old, doesn't use kilos of make up, and so she looks very fresh and natural with her pinky cheeks and cherry lips which I hav got addicted to, I think. I always pay attention to the smallest details on the girl, and I must say she was the first girl who was absolutely perfect from up to toe. Probably she spends a lot of time in beauty salons and do much self care. But like this expensive escort lady must be. There is one very important detail about her appearance also. She has got very unusual beauty of structure of her face what makes her a real gem. For my taste it doesn't get better than this. Her body is one you can get horny just when she is sitting near, her moves are all sexy, is like she knows to use it to play her game, unless she uses pheromones.. I think she is the most beautiful escort girl I ever met and the most luxury appearance I ever seen. About the services..I don't want say much. For me it comes out of appearance and chemistry. I don't meet escorts for sex experience only, as well as I am not a fan of extras or crazy stuff. For me date with escort is a chance to meet a beautiful model who will please your mind what is much harder to happen to me than just easy sex. Eveline got to this point so fast that I can surely say it was one of the best experiences I ever lived and sweet moments I will remember always. Social time was at same level like all the rest. Her english is of course excellent like it must be. She is clever lady and knows to read between lines. But I want to add something more.. I think I could get deeper than usually happens, and for a while I really could see her inside world. She is just a baby with idealistic view for the life, she has very girly manners when she is herself and there is no any spicy taste on her. Seems she has got very good background and upbringing. Character I would love to spoil. If I will be back to her? I will. She is a dream. (On the negative side, and this is a note for Eveline, I can say that she must be more flexible with date's duration. I do understand that there are schedule, bookings etc.,but since she is really Top escort she also must keep some free hours gaps for each date so to not be in rush and have a chance to extend the time if the main one was not enough). I will see you very soon in Athens baby! I am the carnival man;-)