Jan 16 2017

mystik 13-12-2016

Its my first review at this website. I am not living in Belgium but had my chance to meet this girl in past many times. Now i see she is there. You can find as much comments about her through internet as you can imagine but not even one of them will be exact truth (even mine). Simply because she is the best and it is impossible to describe in one review all about her. Till today i have not met an escort provider with same quality. Her pictures are real but still do not show all of her beauty. The best part of her by my opinion is her eyes which will make you her own in a minute since you see that face in front of you. Intimate part will not be described by me here, but you may know what usually happens during it with a girl who can turn you on just in a second. Her personality is much more interesting part though for me. Only do not loose your mind completely, she is really dangerous:) If i even will have a chance to see her again in my country i will not think twice. She is my angel. And something else, if you will treat her really nice you can get much more out of her, she will give you such a pleasure that you will always remember her because she is a gem.